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AgSolutions was founded in  2003 by the Glazik Brothers, Steve and Gary, who together with their family manage corn and soybean farmland in the Illinois counties of Ford, Iroquois, Champaign and Vermillion.  And like many farmers, the Glazik's had to deal with flooded, ponded, and saturated soils that affect and impact crop growth, and they knew the best way to tackle ponded water, and remove excess moisture from the ground was a strategically placed tile system, but a tile system only works if they remain clog free!

As they say, "need is the mother of invention" and so, Steve and Gary took matters into their own hands and created the Quick Drain Intake, that allows more water in while keeping leaves, stalks, and other debris out of the inlets.  And thus, AgSolution's came to fruition.

Since its inception, AgSolutions has primarily focused on agricultural drainage products that are proudly made in America, and has since expanded into farm equipment upgrades, including the design and development of the Acre Plus which allows for more than a bushel of seed to be carried in a John Deere or Kinze planter box, saving farmers both time and money.

AgSolutions is a division of Plastic Designs, Inc. (PDI), a high-volume, Tier 1 supplier of injection molded and thermoformed parts founded in 1989 in Paxton, Illinois that continues to grow with the likes of B2B customers including Mitsubishi, John Deere, and Harley Davidson.

Distributors and Resellers

AgSolutions is always looking to partner with distributors and resellers who want to be a part of the AgSolutions family and sell our made in America, agricultural drainage products and upgraded farm equipment products to farmers across the country.  If you are interested in becoming a dealer for AgSolutions, please email us at sales@agsolutionsonline.com 

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Have a question about AgSolutions products or a suggestion?  Send us a message, or call us toll free at (866) 734-1988

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