Quick Drain Riser/Marker Flag Kit

The same Quick Drain Riser you love, now coupled with a Field Marker Flag to protect your investment!

Tired of replacing intakes only for them to get destroyed by farming equipment? Protect your Quick Drain Riser by marking it with a 6 ft, high-visibility marker flag.

Product Information

Quick Drain Riser: 

The Quick Drain Intake is the most advanced surface drain intake on the market. Allowing you to rapidly drain ponded water from your field saving you time and money.

Available in a 10"x8", 10"x6", 6"x6", and 6"x6" Junior(shorter design).

Quick drain intakes are made of highly durable and UV-stabilized polypropylene. The patented NO-CLOG design allows for maximum tile flow at minimum depths. Our design allows for a more uniform and free flow of water into the tile. Minimizing the possibility of crop residue plugging the intake, while keeping dirt and debris out of tile lines.

Field Marker Flag: 

A 6-ft sturdy/flexible flag used for marking field entrances, new or existing stand up risers, field tile outlets, property boundaries, etc.

Has a unique "farmable" design, meaning it can be sprayed and planted over without damaging. Approximately 1/4" in diameter. Easily slips into the ground. Available in HI-Visibility RED.

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